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Orders arrive 8-10 business days via bubble mailer.


This is a tale of life and love for all ages! Share with everyone you love "More Than The Stars"

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8 x 8 paperback format

cost includes shipping

each book is hand signed

includes 1 original poem

6 digitally scanned hand drawn artworks

suitable for all ages

designed to encourage early

literacy and family engagement

More Than The Stars: A story about infinite love...


Image 1: The excitement of our future as we begin to find ourselves and seek love.

Image 2: Our youthful rebellion and ambitions propel us forward as we engage in life.

Image 3: We fall and learn to fail and can feel hopelessness at times.

Image 4: We turn inward only to discover happiness is found within our authentic selves.

Image 5: And finally, we are accountable for our lives. When we look back, be sure its a view we enjoy.

If you have someone you love "More Than The Stars" be sure to share this heartwarming book about life and love for all ages! 


Have you ever loved someone so much that saying "I love you" didn't feel like enough?

This poem was the best way I could define "infinite" to my young children. When they see the night sky, they will remember that I love them "More Than The Stars", even after I'm gone. In my grief related work, I often reflect about the idea of legacy and what we leave behind. I recite this poem to my children in the hopes that even when their hair is white and they have not heard my voice for many years, the sight of the stars and the moon will whisper "I love you" to them.

The puppy in the story is inspired by my daughter's teddy named Jelly. His journey mimics one many of us can relate to:

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