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EXHIBIT TITLE: "Pushing Up Babies"

NOW SHOWING: closes May 23, 2020

PRESENTED BY: ZYP Gallery (Calmar, Alberta)


Pushing Up Babies is a nine piece art series that explores the challenges and triumphs of early parenthood. My intention is to inspire reflection and discussion about the aspects of parenthood that are often not discussed.


New life changes everything and brings about a death of the life we once knew. It is easy to acknowledge the joy our children bring but we hesitate to share the pain, fear and sometimes loss that accompany the journey towards parenthood. This art series aims to express those ranges of emotions.


In my experience childbirth thinned the veil between life and death. It also served as the death of the creative block I’ve struggled with most of my life. After all, childbirth and rearing must be some of the most creative acts a human can engage in. It was a creative act that I could not avoid or exit. Messy, terrifying, beautiful, and inspiring it has broken me wide open.


I frequently use depictions of anatomy to express experiences and emotions. I believe our emotions live and manifest in different parts of our body. My creative ideas are rarely developed over a long period of time; there is usually a trigger in the form of a random memory, emotionally charged moment or even a song. The result is an image, which will flash in my mind as fast as light for a second. If I am unable to draw the image promptly, the potential artwork is lost. Pushing Up Babies is nine seconds of my life that I captured.

PUB Opening Night.jpg

ZYP Gallery (Calmar, Alberta) hosted an opening night for "Pushing Up Babies" which took place on February 15, 2020. Sincere thanks to everyone involved in making this event happen and for the warm welcome I received. Looking forward to seeing future exhibits in this fantastic art gallery. Be sure to stop in for a visit if you are in the area.

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